3RS Contractor Wins Globally-recognised Accolade


One of the contractors of the three-runway system (3RS) project, China State Construction Engineering (HK) Ltd, was honoured with the New Engineering Contract (NEC) Contractor of the Year Award by the Institution of Civil Engineers. The contractor’s good performance on Contract 3801 was recognised by this prestigious award, for their excellence in project delivery and good working practice through collaboration of all parties involved.

In the construction and engineering sector, the globally recognised NEC, offered by the commercial arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers, is a clearer and simpler contract document in practice, with straightforward and easily understood language and structure. The use of the NEC stimulates good relationships, flexibility and collaboration among the parties involved, providing a greater incentive for them to work jointly to investigate innovative proposals and value engineering to reduce costs and risks as well as take a more proactive approach in resolving issues.

As the first NEC for the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) and its contractor, Contract 3801 involves the excavation and construction of a 4-cell reinforced concrete Automated People Mover (APM) tunnel and 2-cell Baggage Handling System (BHS) tunnel on the existing airport island as part of the 3RS project. The contract also includes all associated road / utility diversions and reinstatement.

This prestigious award recognises the concerted efforts of AAHK and the contractor in upholding the NEC principles in their purest form. The collaboration between both parties, including setting up a joint project office and adopting value engineering proposals, typifies NEC best practice on the 3RS project.

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