The scale of the three-runway system (3RS) project is almost equal to building a new airport next to the existing one. It involves the following seven core projects:

  • Reclaiming approximately 650 hectares of land north of the existing airport island (equivalent to 34 Victoria Parks, or 100 artificial islands for the New Wing of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre), using non-dredge methods including deep cement mixing
  • Building the T2 Concourse and an associated apron
  • Building a new, 3 800-metre-long runway and its supporting taxiway systems. The existing North Runway will also be reconfigured
  • Expanding Terminal 2 to provide full-fledged passenger services including arrivals and departures facilities
  • Building a new, 2 600-metre-long Automated People Mover (APM) system that will connect Terminal 2 with the T2 Concourse. The new APM system will operate at a top speed of 80km/h and transport up to 10 800 passengers per hour
  • Building a new Baggage Handling System (BHS) linking Terminal 2 with the T2 Concourse. The new BHS will be capable of handling 9 600 bags per hour
  • Building other associated airport support infrastructure, road network and transportation facilities
Project Overview