Airport Authority Welcomes Government’s Approval for the Draft Outline Zoning Plan and Reclamation Related to Three-runway System

Press Release - 29/04/2016

(HONG KONG, 29 April 2016) – Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) welcomed the Chief Executive-in-Council’s approval for draft Chek Lap Kok Outline Zoning Plan, as well as the authorisation of the reclamation under the Foreshore and Sea-bed (Reclamations) Ordinance for the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) into a Three-runway System (3RS).

With the completion of these statutory procedures, the AA will proceed full steam ahead with the detailed design for the 3RS, as well as the procurement of construction contracts with a view to commence reclamation works at the earliest opportunity.

The 3RS expansion covers seven core projects and facilities, including reclamation of 650 hectares of land, building a 3,800-metre-long new runway and its supporting taxiway systems, a new Third Runway passenger building and apron, an expanded Terminal 2 to provide full-fledged passenger services, a new Automated People Mover system, a new Baggage Handling System, and comprehensive road network and transportation facilities.

The current Two-runway System will soon reach its practical maximum capacity, thus there is an urgent need to proceed with the construction of the 3RS as early as possible to meet the fast growing air traffic demand.

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