Nine Projects Granted Over HK$7 Million from the Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Funds

Press Release - 04/07/2017

(HONG KONG, 4 July 2017) - More than HK$7 million in total has been granted from the Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund (MEEF) and Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF) to nine projects for a 12-month period starting from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. The MEEF and FEF are independent funds set up in accordance with the conditions of the Environmental Permit for the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-runway System (3RS).

According to the results released today for the first round of applications, some HK$4.23 million has been granted to five projects through the MEEF, and four other projects received about HK$2.93 million from the FEF. Successful applicants include tertiary institutions, research groups and associations from the fisheries industry. Funded projects cover research subjects related to Chinese White Dolphins and corals, as well as biodiversity and enhancements for the fisheries industry in Hong Kong.

The MEEF supports initiatives related to conservation and enhancement of marine habitat and resources, scientific studies, environmental education and eco-tourism, while the FEF supports initiatives related to sustainable management and enhancement of fisheries resources, sustainable fisheries operations, promotion of fisheries-related business opportunities, and measures that may benefit the fisheries operations.

Applications for the two funds are assessed and selected by their respective management committees in an independent and objective manner, based on criteria in relation to objectives, methodology adopted, manpower and resources, and budget of the proposed projects.

The management committees of the funds are chaired by renowned academics in their respective fields. Members include scholar, experts from related sectors, and representatives of green groups as well as fishermen’s associations. The AA has injected a total of HK$400 million into the MEEF and FEF.

Approved funded projects for the MEEF and FEF in the first round of applications are listed below. More details about the projects can be found at 
and, respectively.



Approved Applications for MEEF

Applicant Organisation Project Title
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Reproductive Biology of the Dominant Octocoral Guaiagorgia in Hong Kong Western Waters
The Education University of Hong Kong Revealing Cryptic Faunal Biodiversity in Hong Kong Western Waters Using Environmental DNA Approach
South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SCSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Science Monitoring of Population Dynamics of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Lingding Bay of the Pearl River Delta region
SMRU (HONG KONG) Limited Contributing to Marine Spatial Planning: Working with Fishing Communities to Map Areas of Dolphin and Active Fishing Gear Overlap
Tung Wah College Virtopsy for Characterization and Documentation of Injury and Death Caused by Human Interaction, in Stranded Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in the Hong Kong Waters

Approved Applications for FEF

Applicant Organisation Project Title
Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Pearl Farming Pilot Project
Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Installation of Radar Reflector for Fishing Vessels under 15 m
Hong Kong Fishery Alliance Hong Kong Fisheries Festival - Planning and Feasibility Study
Hong Kong Fishery Alliance Study on the Current Status of Capture Fisheries Industry in Hong Kong and Strategy towards Sustainable Fisheries Development

The FEF is now accepting a second round of applications, and applications submitted before 31 August 2017 will be considered during the next round of assessment at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, MEEF funding for the project year 2018/19 will be open for applications within this year, with details available later. Third-party groups such as non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and organisations from the fisheries sector are welcome to submit applications.

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